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Online cheese shopping

Slowly, but surely, UK supermarket chains are waking up to the demands and needs of vegan shoppers. Tesco is the latest company to add a previously difficult to find vegan product to their online shopping website. One of the most revolutionary vegan

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Coconut cheese

My brother-in-law Ben sent me the following photo of a brand new cheese alternative he spotted in his local grocery store. Check out the pic below.

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Cheese and cheese

Following years in the vegan cheese wilderness with little more than Cheezly to keep us alive, vegans in the UK are absolutely swimming in the stuff. A new dairy-free cheese seems to pop up every month. I don’t know where it is all

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Not all cheeses are created equal

This is the kind of blog post a lot of people don’t like to read… I am a vegan and I’m about to be less than complimentary about a vegan product made by a vegan company. My years as a

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Here I go, singing low

Let’s keep this short and sweet. Do you want to taste astonishingly-good vegan pizza? Yes? Then get your bag of bones to Philadelphia and dine on the tasty delights of Blackbird Pizzeria. It will amaze you. During my trip to

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Bite me

This post is tiny, just like the super-cute and mega-tasty product I am reviewing. Redwood are undoubtedly one of the finest vegan food providers in the world. The food they produce is stunning. For many years I have been a

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The shops and the lights look so pretty

Kensington High Street in West London is a shopper’s paradise. Huge department stores coexist alongside snappy boutiques and regular town street stores. If you have money to spend, Kensington High Sreet and its inhabitants will gladly assist you in removing

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I like my potatoes creamy

Potato is a food I enjoy mostly any which way. Roasted, fried, mashed… you cook it, I’ll devour it. With this established, you will understand it was with great excitement I set about creating a mouth-watering potato breakfast swimming in

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