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I like my potatoes creamy

Potato is a food I enjoy mostly any which way. Roasted, fried, mashed… you cook it, I’ll devour it. With this established, you will understand it was with great excitement I set about creating a mouth-watering potato breakfast swimming in vegan cream and cheese.

Alpro long-life vegan cream

Alpro products are everywhere in the UK. You can’t go into a major store without running into their yogurt, custard, pudding and milks. They produce a wide range of dairy substitutes using non-GM soy beans grown on land that is investigated to not have been deforested or reclaimed. Best of all, the entire Alpro range is suitable for a vegan diet. I had recently been craving creamy potatoes, leading me to search out the Alpro long-life, dairy free soy cream. This cream is housed in a handy and neat resealable carton. But I won’t pretend I needed to reseal it. All of the cream was used in one sitting.

Vegan creamy, cheesy, chipotle potato bake

My delectable dish contained baby potatoes tossed in olive oil and seasoned with garlic, Marigold reduced salt bouillon powder and dried oregano. Once the potatoes were golden brown, I poured the soy cream into the oven dish and stirred until the potatoes were covered and emptied a can of black-eyed beans into the pot. Before spiriting back into the oven, I diced up some Redwood Cheezly Edam and liberally sprinkled it across the dish.

After a few moments, I added a dusting of chipotle powder in order to bring some heat and smokey flavour to the potatoes. The result was a mouth-watering dish that was impossible to resist. Potatoes and beans done cheesy, creamy and with just the right amount of heat. My idea of a perfect dish.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Potato heaven!

  2. Oh, my, this looks delicious (I heart potatoes)

    • It tasted divine. Potatoes are a wonder food.

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