Vegan food on QANTAS

I recently flew out of Australia with QANTAS and the vegan food was on the correct side of acceptable.

First up was the main meal an even though the photo is atrocious, the meal itself was tasty and satisfying.

I enjoyed and pasta, vegetable, and tofu dish with a mini vegan bread. This main was also accompanied by a moist slice of chocolate cake and a pack of dried fruit pieces.

Once again, economy lighting and space restrictions mean I feel the need to apologise again for the terrible photography.

Next up was some sort of breakfast muffin sandwich that was so outrageously hot from overheating, I actually couldn’t hold it for fifteen minutes.

Once it cooled, I chomped my way through it and loved it. It was like a breakfast muffin filled with a bean patty.

Finally, I was served a breakfast dish consisting of vegetable and bean rissoles, mushrooms, and tomatoes.

This was accompanied by a bread roll and a packet of quinoa and apple crispy bites.

Of course this food wasn’t going to win awards, but it certainly kept me feeling well-fed and nourished during the 13-hour flight between Brisbane and Los Angeles.

As far as inflight meals go, QANTAS is up there with the best.

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