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This blog started way back in December 2010.

Since then I have spent thousands of hours writing blog posts, promoting vegan business, supporting charities and hosting social events all in the hope that we can improve outcomes for animals.

Fat Gay Vegan isn’t just the name of a blog. It has become my life. I post stories every single day without fail and answer dozens of readers emails and tweets each week. I am Fat Gay Vegan from the moment I get out of bed until the second I close my laptop at night.

I adore what I’ve created and I feel I do great things for animals and the vegan community, but I see very little (if any) financial return for all the hard work I put in. It is becoming increasingly difficult to justify Fat Gay Vegan being my full time job when I don’t see any money coming in.

That is why I have now joined forces with Patreon.

I am keen to continue being Fat Gay Vegan, but I now need to look to the support of my readers to help me keep things moving along.

Please watch this video explaining how you can sponsor the work I do as Fat Gay Vegan.

I’m not asking for a huge amount of money.

As I mention in the video, you can support my work from as little as US$1 a month. That is about 70p in the UK or $1.40 in Australia.

The commitment of £8.40 a year from you will help me to continue to run my blog, host parties, create video content and answer the mountains of emails and messages I get each week.

That’s right. 365 blog posts a year for a minimum annual contribution of £8.40. That’s about two pence per blog post. I think that is a pretty good return on investment! Of course you will be able to access this blog whether you support me as a Patron or not, but the time has come for me to reach out for help.

Please click here to see all the rewards I have on offer for people keen on seeing the work I do continue and flourish. If you are unable to support financially, please take a moment to share this page with friends or in vegan forums and groups.

You can order my first-ever book ‘Fat Gay Vegan: Eat, Drink and Live Like You Give a Sh!t’ online now.

You can listen to my FGV weekly news round up online here.

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