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Coconut cheese

My brother-in-law Ben sent me the following photo of a brand new cheese alternative he spotted in his local grocery store.

Check out the pic below.

IMG_0469 IMG_0470I adore every single Field Roast product I have ever tried, so it stands to reason that these Chao slices would please me as well. I love the description on the back of the pack.

Now that I have teased you with these enticing photos, I have to tell you that Ben lives in Philadelphia and this photo was taken in a US supermarket.

I am yet to see Chao in any UK shops. Have you? Please let me know!

You can visit Field Roast online or follow them on Twitter.

NYE bottom advert


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  1. The Greek cheese maker is clearly Viotros, and apart from the flavouring (the fermented tofu) the ingredients, including coconut oil, are essentially the same as Violife. Would love to try it though, even if fermented tofu isn’t actually very nice..

  2. I tried the vegan chao slices
    once and I love it so much where can I find them in Uk

    • They are not in the UK but they are made by Violife. They are essentially the same cheese with just slightly different flavours.

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