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Bite me

This post is tiny, just like the super-cute and mega-tasty product I am reviewing.

Redwood are undoubtedly one of the finest vegan food providers in the world. The food they produce is stunning. For many years I have been a devout consumer of their vegan bacon, deli slices, roasts, cheese, cocktail sausages and many other items. Just when I think they can’t go further to impress my taste buds, they pull another winner out of their basket. FGV readers… I give you Breaded Pepperjack Style Cheezly Bites.

Breaded Pepperjack Style Cheezly Bites

The instructions indicated the product could be grilled but of course I opted for frying in oil. Hey, what can I say? I needed them as crispy as possible and I didn’t want to take any chances. After a few minutes of sizzling away in my pan, the bites were ready to eat.

My verdict? Get these now. Breaded, gooey, vegan cheese with a peppery taste and crispy coating is something everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing.

Crispy, cheesy, vegan heaven

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  1. Frying them was a good plan. I’ve had them twice (both times in the oven) – once not crispy, and the second time they just melted all over the tray in a big cheezy mess!

    Regardless, they are so awesome! Way tastier than I’d been expecting. Brilliant.

    I shall fry them next time 🙂

    • Yes, the time I dry fried them they melted and fell apart. They need to be at least half covered in oil to hold together. I don’t think I would ever try ti grill or oven bale again.

      • However, I will make an attempt to proofread my comments for spelling errors. LOL

  2. Where did you get these? They sound awesome!

    • You can buy them in Holland & Barrett, they are delicious!

  3. […] pack was OK. I do enjoy the Cheezly bites. When you fry them in oil, the insides go all gooey! I reviewed the pepperjack bites in more detail a while back. Back in 2011 to be […]

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