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¡Viva la comida vegana!

New vegan mince by Sainsbury's

During a recent stroll through my local Sainsbury’s, I glanced without expectation at the usual suspects in the chilled section. One brand of tofu, multiple Quorn products containing egg and little else of vegan interest.

Just as I was about to spin on my FGV heels and exit empty-handed, I spied an intriguing box of soya mince with a snappy label. I was readying myself for instant disappointment as I scanned the ingredient list for egg and/or milk. Imagine my utter joy and delight when I saw the most loved of all supermarket words: vegan. I snatched up the container and waddled as quickly as I could back to my kitchen to create a masterpiece…

Smokey chipotle works a charm

I decided to go down a Mexican route for my dinner so I doused my newly-found mince with smokey chipotle chilli sauce by South Devon Chilli Farm. This condiment is labeled as suitable for vegans and packs a punch, but I didn’t ease up as I slathered it onto the searing soya meat.

I added some raw freshness to the situation by following a simple recipe for mushroom ceviche taught to me by my dear friend Julio. I combined mushrooms, tomato, onion, cilantro (coriander), avocado, snap peas, a dash of shoyu, a dollop of ketchup, a smattering of pepper and splashes of freshly-squeezed lime juice. So delicious.

The resulting meal was one of my favourites in recent times. Mini vegan chipotle meat boats served with Mexican Style Creamy Sheese and a side of ceviche. Thank you Sainsbury’s. Thank you Julio. Gracias México. ¡Viva la comida vegana!

Mi cena deliciosa

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. That looks *delicious*

  2. I got some of that last week as it was on offer two packs for £3. Its so good!
    Don’t know how big your Sainsburys is but check the freezer section as they have vegan sausages and a few other things (all on 2 for £3 as I got those today).
    I also got some new linda mcartney sausages to try 🙂 x

    • Their vegan frozen spicy bean burgers are amazing, too. I am going to do a post on them. So, so good!

  3. Oh yes I like the spicy bean burgers, I just meant new things. Sainsburys always seem to lead the way when it comes to vegan friendly supermarkets 🙂
    They do fail when it comes to salad cream as it used to be vegan but now no longer is, however Asda’s low fat version is yey! x

  4. halleujah! thanks for the tip off! bravo Sainsburys..is this the signal of the way things are moving forwards? blooming hope so.

  5. Thank you very much for the credit on my Mushroom Ceviche recipe!!! Can’t wait for a further vegan cooking sesion, I have more vegan recipes to share.

  6. Re-reading this post and wondering if you’ve tried the new Soya range at Tesco? As far as I’m aware they’ve just changed their soya milk labels, rather than changed the taste, but they have added soya “alternative to yogurt”. They had plain (which I’m yet to try as their’s cost £1.20 and Alpro’s was on offer at £1 haha) and they also do Mixed berries flavor (blueberry, strawberry, blackberry & raspberry). It is one of the nicest yogurts (or “alternative to yogurt”) that I have ever tried! I think it costs around £1.50 but it’s worth every penny. x

    • Haven’t seen it but will look for it. Thanks!

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