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I have already posted and shared my thoughts all over social media about Sgaia and how this Scotland-based food company is truly a world leader.

I think it’s safe to say they are one of the finest vegan brands on the planet. Their products are flawless.

But even my unquestioning love for the vegan meat makers couldn’t prepare me for the outrageous and spectacular vision you are about to witness.


Have you ever seen anything so spectacular?

This Cheeze + Mheat Charcuterie Board features Herbed Roast, Späck, Karma Ham, Gorgonzola Dolcelatte, Emmenthal and Brie. There is also a medjoul date, a couple of sweet pickled onions and charcoal crackers. There is even a vegan hard boiled egg!

I’m speechless.

This Earth-shattering cheese and meat board is being sold exclusively from the Sgaia stand at this weekend’s huge VegfestUK London. They are at stall number CG6.

You need to follow Sgaia on Instagram and order food from them online.

Get all the Vegfest details here.

Extra note: I strongly suggest getting to the show as early as you can for these boards. I predict they will sell out in about an hour. It is going to be MAYHEM!


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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I need to eat this NOW!!!

  2. Wow – do they sell the hard boiled vegan eggs too??? Can’t see any sign of them on the website.

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