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This is not vegan

I don’t know what goes on. If you were creating a dairy free drink for the UK market, would you at least consider making a tiny bit more effort to ensure the product was suitable for vegans? I stumbled upon

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Vegan mince in Tesco

The spread of vegan food through our mainstream supermarkets marches on with the launch of frozen soya mince by the enormous Tesco chain. Tesco has usually played second fiddle to its competitors when it comes to labelling for compassionate shoppers, however they do appear

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Mairzy doats and dozy doats

I think I might consume too much soy. I’m not one of those soy naysayers who decry it as evil but as a vegan, it is very often my go to food. Soy (or soya in the UK… I can

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Not such a groovy cat

I am such a greedy FGV. All you need to do is slap the word ‘vegan’ on your product and I’ll purchase it. If you want me to enjoy it enough to come back for more, all I ask is

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¡Viva la comida vegana!

During a recent stroll through my local Sainsbury’s, I glanced without expectation at the usual suspects in the chilled section. One brand of tofu, multiple Quorn products containing egg and little else of vegan interest. Just as I was about

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Shake, baby shake

A fat, gay vegan must work hard at a couple of things to qualify as a fat, gay vegan. Obviously, you have to be same-sex attracted in order to fill the gay requirements. If you want to call yourself vegan,

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I like my potatoes creamy

Potato is a food I enjoy mostly any which way. Roasted, fried, mashed… you cook it, I’ll devour it. With this established, you will understand it was with great excitement I set about creating a mouth-watering potato breakfast swimming in

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