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Tesco frenzy

I have seen a few mentions online of hard-to-find vegan products making their way into Tesco stores, so of course my priority was to get into a participating store and eat everything.

I succeeded.

website banner

From the Tesco website

Select Tesco stores around the country are taking part in a promotion billed as the Lifestyle Food Fair. I have to admit it is quite a slick gimmick capitalising on the huge surge in popularity of specialty food expos sweeping the UK. The promotion features attention-grabbing banners in store with colour coded shelving to help you locate what you after. (Hint: anything on a blue shelf in the Lifestyle Food Fair aisle is vegan-friendly)

Wanna see the haul I came away with from the Slough branch? Don’t freak out.









20140719_191802Pretty impressive, right?

There were plenty of vegan products dotted around the other colour coded areas (i.e. Free-From, Nut-Free, etc.), so I would recommend scheduling yourself a decent amount of time to browse the entire Lifestyle Food Fair section and read all the ingredients. Also take care that some items that you would assume are vegan (i.e. soya chocolate) have honey as an ingredient. I became increasingly annoyed by the h-word popping up on products as I was scavenging for groceries.

It wasn’t just the Lifestyle Food Fair aisle that turned up pleasing finds. The entire Tesco Extra in Slough was brimming with vegan goodies including nearly the entire Tesco freefrom chilled range, Coyo vegan yogurts and Goody Good Stuff sweets.

See photos below of the other interesting products I snapped up.






Click for the Lifestyle Food Fair Tesco List of participating stores and then get to your nearest outlet as soon as possible. The instore event is running only until August 31, 2014.

Have you been to one of the participating stores? What did you buy? Do you like the look of my haul?

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Wow didn`t know that vegan sour cream crisps existed 🙂

    • Ikea has some. Along with vegan cinnamon and blueberry rolls

  2. Even though I’m vegetarian, not vegan, I can imagine how frustrating it is for you to keep finding honey on the ingredients list. I work in a health food shop and with the recent bad press for added sugar, stacks of products have swapped from sugar to honey as their sweetener. That has rendered some of the vegan products we used to stock no longer suitable. It’s a shame because there are great sugar alternatives out there – Xylitol, stevia (I know not everyone likes it!), agave syrup, coconut palm sugar, apple juice etc etc.
    I’m going to sort myself a little trip to Tesco soon for a butchers (pun intended) at the Food Fair products.

  3. Fabby!!!

  4. Vegan food porn!

  5. What are those Linda McCartney burgers? I have never seen them before, and I didn’t think they did a vegan burger… I checked their website and these burgers are not on there… are they new?? I need these in my life!!

  6. This is brilliant! I have to say, while a lot of people talk about how unethical Tesco is as a company, I’ve always found them to be the most accommodating when it comes to finding vegan products. Even their Express stores have a choice of non-dairy milks and yoghurt, Swedish Glace ice cream, Alpro desserts, and various other bits and bobs. I can’t wait to try some of those!

    Just a shame it’s not a permanent thing!

  7. So many stores, none in Bracknell or Wokingham…how frustrating xD

  8. Boooo. Equally disappointed here. None of the Brighton/Hove stores are taking part. The home of veggie/vegan food! What a shame.

  9. The Sacla dairy free pesto says it contains lactic acid I’m confused as I thought lactic meant it came from milk?

    • Hi Gill. Lactic acid is a chemical compound NOT derived from milk. Lactose is the one you need to watch out for. Please note I am not a chemist or scientist and someone else might want to add information to my wild claims.

      • Thanks for the reply I saw dairy free on the front of the jar and thought yippee I tucked in then saw lactic and wasn’t so sure.I’ve been a vegetarian 30 years but only been Vegan 6 months – still learning:-)

  10. i keep meaning to let them know that this event is appreciated! I have maxed out on the hemp cos i cant find it anywhere else, its expensive but fab.

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