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Coconut cheese

My brother-in-law Ben sent me the following photo of a brand new cheese alternative he spotted in his local grocery store. Check out the pic below.

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Coconut everywhere

Coconut-based foods are taking over the world. I literally can’t get my head around how many new coconut products are popping up each week. One of the leaders of this surge is┬áBessant & Drury.┬áTh company has been producing one of

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Raw is not war

Wanna know how amazing Conscious raw chocolate is? I ate some a few minutes ago and I’m blogging about it now. I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts on this decadent product any longer. Conscious is a company devoted to

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Bar none

I do love a nice bar. Be it candy or other, a bar is a superb way of hitting the hunger where it hurts without ruining your appetite. If that bar can be based around delicious coconut, all the better

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Vegan cupcake champion of the world

From NYC to Sydney and from Barcelona to Los Angeles people just can’t get enough of a certain sweet treat. Yep, the world is obsessed with vegan cupcakes. As a well-travelled FGV, I have devoured my fair share of cupcakes

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