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Raw is not war

Wanna know how amazing Conscious raw chocolate is? I ate some a few minutes ago and I’m blogging about it now. I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts on this decadent product any longer.

Conscious is a company devoted to producing healthy and thoughtful treats. Trading since 2006, the gourmet chocolate manufacturer knows a thing or two about top quality sweet eating. Their raw, organic bars are handmade in West Kent and carry the Vegan Society logo. Each bar is free from pesticides, dairy, gluten and refined sugars (they are only ever sweetened with agave syrup).

Just moments ago I devoured the goji and coconut bar. This treat was a dreamy combination of fruit and coconut flakes surrounded by handmade, raw chocolate. The Conscious website details the health benefits of raw chocolate, but this FGV was concentrating on one thing only… how delicious it tasted!

Goji & coconut by Conscious

One of my new favourite chocolates

Following my near-spiritual experience with the above bar, I am more than keen to move onto the additional flavours. Go to their website now to be staggered by the tempting range on offer. Love Potion No.9, Mint Hint and The Nutty One all appear to be calling my name.

Buy online at the Conscious shop or head on into your local health food provider to snap up some raw bars today. You might just bump into a fat, gay vegan with a shopping basket full of them.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Do you happen to know whether they sell them in Holland & Barrett? There don’t appear to be any alternative health food shops near where I live.

  2. They are the best chocolate bars EVER. I think they might be my favourite food ever actually haha. I can’t buy them where I live (except mail order) so I’m even more excited about being in London at the weekend, going to be a costly time (and 99% will be on food) x

  3. looks super yummy!

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