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Best vegan candy in the world

Calm down with your Vego bars. I’ve got No No’s. Time for one of my bolder-than-fudge proclamations. Are you ready? No No’s are the best vegan candy product in the world. But what are they?

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Mexican chocolate

  As you might know, I am currently in Mexico City where I am eating up a storm. Stay tuned here or to my Instagram feed for lots of shots of delicious vegan food from the Mexican capital. Photo above shows a

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Sweetness is my weakness

I have written about the good folk of Need Sweets in the past, but these purveyors of vegan sweets have got me all in a mess once again with a giant goodie box just for chubby ol’ me. Check it

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Mini Moos without the moo

Whenever I am asked to name my favourite vegan snack (and that happens a lot actually), one name keeps coming up again and again. Moo Free Chocolates. Moo Free Chocolates are a constant in my life. Whether I am breaking off

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Stay calm. Don’t freak out.

So you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to vegan candy and chocolate? Be prepared to have your entire sugared-confectionery schemata redefined. The ridiculously-talented people behind Moo Free Dairy Free Chocolates just can’t help themselves. They are literally compelled to

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I eat eggs

Of all the religious celebrations that I opt out of, Easter seems one of the strangest. Can someone enlighten a FGV with atheistic tendencies? Why do people imagine a giant bunny is hopping around leaving chocolate eggs in nests? As

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I truly adore you

Do you dream of luscious, creamy pralines? Can you imagine yourself gently removing a delicate ribbon to reveal a tray filled with decadent chocolate treats? Thanks to the fabulous people of Moo Free Chocolates, the opportunity for vegans to delight

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No single bite could satisfy

Dairy cows are some of the most abused creatures on the planet and their suffering is unjustifiable. Humans do not require cow milk to live healthy lives and there is absolutely no reason to exploit cows in order to give

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I’m too much in love

An important part of my FGV job description is to search out the most delicious candy and chocolate in the world. I don’t want to do it, but I must if I intend to keep hold of my position. My

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‘Til I’m fit to burst

What will you travel long distances for? Some people will sit on a train for hours just to take in the wonders of an art gallery at the other end. Individuals will fly half way around the globe to spend

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