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But first of all let me say

It is would be so ridiculously easy for a chubby, queer plant eater like me to make a million jokes about sugar and overeating when writing about an online vegetarian confectionery store. The hilarity almost writes itself.

I am going to stick to the facts and throw open the joke writing challenge to you… the witty reader. Get your thinking caps on and hit me with your best funny lines about FGV and sweet eating. Post your comedy gold in the comments below.

Meanwhile, I’ll fill you in with all the details you need to know about this fabulous new online sweet shop in the UK.

I get a lot of offers of products to review but ‘yes’ has never come out of my mouth faster than in response to the kind people of Need Sweets – The vegetarian friendly sweet shop.  They wanted to know if I would be happy to eat some vegan marshmallows and let my blog visitors know about their online service.

Yes. Yes, I would be very happy to do such a thing.

Based in Bristol, Need Sweets have a tidy range of confectionery that is either vegetarian or vegan. Their website states clearly which lines are vegan and they even include a key of symbols to help you navigate through Halal, Kosher and organic products.

The vegan sweets available include Sweet & Sara marshmallows, fizzy fish, Sweet Vegan marshmallows, kola cubes, flying saucers and the highly entertaining candy tools. Even better news? These treats can be delivered all over the UK and the company is open to discussing international orders.

My vegan delivery from Need Sweets

My vegan delivery from Need Sweets

The Sweet & Sara sampler pack

The Sweet & Sara sampler pack

All the details you need

All the details you need

Visit Need Sweets today or tomorrow and the news gets even more enticing as the company is having a January sale that is about to expire. Place your order before midnight on January 31 to receive 25% off all bagged sweets. Hurry!

Visit Need Sweets online

Follow Need Sweets on Twitter

Like Need Sweets on Facebook

Much love for my samples. Now, where are those jokes at my expense?


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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. It’s a tough life FGV – but I guess somebody’s got to do it! All that marshmallow eating endurance you have to go through for our benefit. Hardship! lol Such dedication to the vegan cause!! 🙂 x

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words about our little business, we are pleased you enjoyed the treats. Your readers may be pleased to also know we are soon going to be selling vegan fudge, coconut ice and turkish delight as well.
    Once we have finished the tough job of taste testing them all first.

  3. Okay, I am desperate to know how those marshmallow bad boys work in a vegan hot chocolate. Do they ooze and melt all sexy-like, or do they do something weird? Enquiring minds, FGV!

  4. […] have written about the good folk of Need Sweets in the past, but these purveyors of vegan sweets have got me all in a mess once again with a giant goodie box […]

  5. I love Need Sweets – very good for buying for some of my family who suffer from higher levels of cholesterol as they simply will not eat from anywhere else.

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