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When they’re halfway down your gullet…

Loving Hut in Camden is a good place to go for cheap, tasty food. Like all of the Loving Hut locations worldwide, the food is plant-based and the menu never breaks the bank. I have written about it previously here and here.

So, how could this vegan eatery with cheap prices and tummy-filling vegan food get any better? Read on and then start planning your next trip…

On entering Loving Hut Camden a few days ago, Josh and I were greeted by the ever cheerful Kenny. Kenny is a powerhouse of vegan information and never misses an opportunity to spread the compassionate message of plant-based eating.

Because Kenny knows he doesn’t have to convert me to veganism, he instead alerted me to a new menu item… and I am so very glad that he did.

Check it out. Two crispy, battered Fry’s Vegetarian sausages served with hot chips, side salad and a bowl of baked beans. This is one meal that does not leave you wanting more. The sausages were fabulous and the addition of beans makes this the perfect weekend brunch. The £6.95 price tag certainly can’t be argued with, either.

Battered sausage meal at Loving Hut Camden

Battered sausage meal at Loving Hut Camden

Josh went with some of his regular favourites such as the fresh rolls and the steamed dumplings.

Fresh rolls

Fresh rolls

Steamed dumplings

Steamed dumplings

Next time you are in the area, pop into Loving Hut Camden and try the battered sausages. Tell Kenny this FGV sent you!

Loving Hut Camden, 3 Plender Street, NW1 0JT

Visit Loving Hut Camden online

(Disclaimer: I am employed by the UK distribution company for Fry’s Vegetarian products. This is not a paid feature)



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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I need to visit the Camden one! I love the Archway one, the fish burger is so good!

  2. Oh, Loving Hut, what would I do without them? (The Maastricht one saved my life, well kind of.)

    FGV, have you been to the Archway one? I was there the other night and your good name was mentioned (how can anyone discuss being vegan in London without mentioning the famous FGV?). Apparently you haven’t been there yet. I think you’ll like it! It’s essentially a Chinese restaurant, but all vegan. The menu is huge, I still haven’t worked my way through it yet… but I’m getting there!

    I love the Camden one too – I’m addicted to the Ocean Burger and the Seaweed Rolls. And the soya cappuccino. And the cakes.

    • I do need to go there soon. I adore the Edgware location which sounds very similar.

      • I know you’ll love it there, pretty much everything is delicious. (Try the roasted coconut juice!)

        We went to LH Camden after seeing your photo of the battered sausage and chips above – oh, magnifique! I urge anybody reading this to go there now and order it.

  3. What a great employer! I am very jealous.

    • They are lovely (wasn’t paid to say that either!)

  4. Thought I’d mention here that Loving Hut Camden is closed for two weeks from today. It’s under new management and they’re refurbishing it before re-opening.

    I liked the previous manager, I hope the new ones still do the Ocean Burger and Seaweed Rolls! (And the battered sausage, of course…)

  5. Where have Kenny and Celia gone? I heard today it is under new management. I am very sad to learn that they are no longer running Loving Hut, Camden. They both infused the place with their passion, knowledge and managed to create a genuinely warm, welcoming atmosphere. With them at the helm there was community vibe about the place. Many times I have sat in there and they have had the whole restaurant was chattering away happily to each other. I don’t think I have ever been in a place as sociable, unpretentious or pleasant in my life. That was all down to those guys. They were both instrumental in my decision to become vegan, too. I will still pop in for the great food, but without them I think something will be sorely lacking 🙁

  6. Loving hut in Camden is now closed down sadly. I do agree that it was never the same with out Kenny lol. The Archway one is a bit expensive and the eco burger and chips meal was rather small, going to check out the Edgware branch.


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