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Here we go, I’m hanging out in Camden

Camden is famous for a lot of cool, outsider culture that eventually works its way into the mainstream. The historical Camden Market is now a must-see for thousands of tourists every year, the underground music scene exploded out of the borough in the 90’s spawning the Indie craze and more recently, the tragic demise of Amy Winehouse has been inextricably linked to the area as her Back to Black album became the highest-selling release of recent times in the UK.

It is understandable when members of minorities bemoan their insider knowledge being shared with the world. To have something intimate blown up to a global scale can be extremely challenging and confronting. However, there is one alternative happening coming out of Camden that I hope continues its explosion into the mainstream… vegan dining.

As a worldwide franchise chain, Loving Hut is a food service force to be reckoned with. The owners of these establishments generally supply diners with delicious, nutritious and affordable vegan cuisine. Loving Hut is usually a reliable spot to grab a cheap meal that can be depended on for quality. Remember my fabulous experience in Brighton?

Ocean Burger at Loving Hut

The Camden Loving Hut outlet continues this tradition with a tantalising range of burgers, salads and desserts. One of my favourite items on the cruelty-free menu is the Ocean Burger. This delicious vegetable protein slice is covered in a crispy batter and served on a soft bun with fresh cucumber and tomato. The rest of the plate is piled high with crunchy, hot chips and carrot fingers. I adore this meal.

The store works on a ‘pay what you feel’ policy for the buffet. I’ve never delved into that option, instead always preferring to order from the menu. The burgers consistently taste great and the restaurant serves up a superb selection of vegan cheesecakes. They have a loyalty card scheme and even offer a free piece of cake to first-time customers who spend £5 or more.

Loving Hut counter

Loving Hut Camden

Loving Hut are worldwide-leaders in bringing vegan food to the masses. It is very fitting therefore that they have an outlet in Camden, a gateway between know-it-all coolness and the majority. With advocates like Loving Hut, it’s only a matter of time before vegan  food like this crosses over and is considered the norm.

Loving Hut, 3 Plender Street, Camden  NW1 0JT, London, UK

Hours: Monday – Saturday  12pm – 8pm
Closed on Sunday

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. We ate there several times when we visited London last year, and the whole family just loved the food. The Camden area had so many vegan options that Quarrygirl had suggested that we were well satisfied.

  2. Yep. Amazing place. When ever I’m selling my candles at Camden, we get food from Loving Hut.

  3. I’ve not been there yet, I should go soon! 🙂

  4. We keep meaning to go to Loving Hut in Brighton, but always run out of time! Our new housemate wants to go to Camden so hopefully we’ll make it to that outlet!

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  6. […] Loving Hut in Camden is a good place to go for cheap, tasty food. Like all of the Loving Hut locations worldwide, the food is plant-based and the menu never breaks the bank. I have written about it previously here and here. […]

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