Best vegan candy in the world

Calm down with your Vego bars. I’ve got No No’s.

Time for one of my bolder-than-fudge proclamations. Are you ready? No No’s are the best vegan candy product in the world.

But what are they?

No No’s are USA-originating crunchy candy coated balls of magnificence. Inside the coloured exterior you will find a layer of vegan chocolate and inside the layer of chocolate you will find a centre of vegan marshmallow. It is like a journey to the centre of the (vegan) Earth.

The fab people of Vegan Tuck Box gifted me their last bag of No No’s over the weekend and told me to hold off on letting people know about them until they could get more stock in. Well guess what is news today? They have more stock in!

Click here to order your very own packet (or 20) of No No’s but be very quick. Vegan Tuck Box sold out of these delicacies within the first two hours of VegfestUK so I don’t imagine this new shipment is going to hang around for very long.

P.S. Word on the street is Vx in London will be getting a shipment later this week or next week. I would imagine you will have to be in store on the day of delivery to snatch a bag. These things are so delicious, they do not hang around.

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