Vote for vegans

Here is your chance to make a difference for a vegan or vegan-friendly company.

There is this thing going on at the moment called the Urban Food Awards. It is an initiative to bring attention and recognition to small business traders making a go of a food business in London.

What is interesting for all of us reading this is the inclusion of some wonderful vegan and vegan-friendly enterprises in this year’s nominations. Check them out.

  • In the Eateries category you will find completely vegan Rupert’s Street, almost vegan Koshari Street and vegan-friendly Hornbeam Cafe.
  • If you want to vote in the Educators category, you might choose vegan kitchen Made in Hackney.
  • The Producers category will have you stressing whether to vote for InSpiral Visionary Products or Rebel Kitchen.

Click here now to be taken to the voting page and support vegan and vegan-friendly business!

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  1. I just tried to vote but looks like you’ve got to be a Londoner to be counted. When it came to the page to add your details etc. they asked for a postcode.

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