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Sweetness is my weakness

I have written about the good folk of Need Sweets in the past, but these purveyors of vegan sweets have got me all in a mess once again with a giant goodie box just for chubby ol’ me.

Check it out.

Need Sweets were already being extremely generous when they came on board as goodie bag sponsors for my Day of the Dead vegan supper club, so imagine my surprise/delight/ecstasy when I opened the delivery box to find everything you see in this photo below.

Inundated with sweets

Inundated with sweets


Need Sweets have a huge selection of vegan treats but the crowning glory has to be the Sweet & Sara range. As I have written on several occasions, Sweet & Sara make the best marshmallows on the planet. Their sample box is legendary and I will never be able to open one of their Smores without devouring it instantly.

Need Sweets

Need Sweets

Do yourself a favour. Order some vegan sweets online and get them delivered to your door for pure enjoyment. Or buy some for a loved one and watch their face light up when they see candy tools, fizzy fish, building blocks and strawberry marshmallows. Fabulous!

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  1. It’s my weakness too – that’s for darn sure!!! 🙂

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