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My whole thing is vegan junk food, so it might surprise some of you to know I actually enjoy eating raw snacks and meals.

The problem is, however, I don’t know how to prepare a decent raw meal for myself. Of course I can make a salad or fruit platter, but I’m talking about raw creations that are inventive, delicious and well-balanced.

If you are like me and lack confidence in your skills as a raw food creator and would like to know how to improve, you will be interested to know you can win a high quality raw cook book from one of the most-respected people in the field.

Read on to enter!

Annelie Whitfield is a fascinating person. A former Hollywood stunt person and TV presenter who recovered from a serious car crash and lives in the Costa Rican jungle with her family, Annelie is also a raw food recipe developer and expert. Makes you feel kinda lazy, right?

Her new book Annelie’s Raw Food Power is packed full of fascinating ideas and recipes for nutritious, raw eating. From breakfast juices to decadent cheesecakes, Annelie has all bases covered. I recently asked Annelie a few questions about raw food and the book. You can read her answers below and then find out how you can win a copy of your own!

Annelie & her baby

Annelie & her baby

Fat Gay Vegan: Raw can be such a daunting endeavour for a lot of people. What can you tell us to help demystify raw food preparation?

Annelie Whitfield: It’s not about trying to prepare the most gourmet raw food meal, it’s about bringing all your favorite veggies, fresh herbs nuts and seeds and other fresh ingredients together. Making one delicious raw veggie salad a day with a delicious dressing is so easy and so quick.

FGV: A lot of raw food books require dehydrators, expensive processors and other equipment. Can a raw diet be followed without top range gadgets?

AW: Absolutely! I recommend buying a few very basic raw food recipe books that specify no dehydrator needed.

FGV: Share with us your number one reason why raw food is a positive choice.

AW: My number one reason to include more raw food in your diet is so that your body is receiving food at a higher vibration; exactly what our body and mind craves! Eating this way optimizes our greatest potential therefore making life much easier. Eating food that is in its natural state also means you absorb more minerals, vitamins and of course those essential enzymes imperative for digestion.

FGV: Your motivation for eating raw food appears to be the health benefits for you and your family. Are you also motivated by animal welfare or environmental concerns?

AW: Absolutely! It’s just such a terrible state of affairs when it comes to animal welfare that it’s so much easier to know that you can receive enough protein from wild greens, nuts and seeds and super foods.

FGV: If I only wanted to dabble in raw food, would your book be of any use to me?

AW: My book is perfect for people who want to seriously upgrade their health with some new delicious smoothie, chocolate or snack recipes, so yes!

FGV: To wrap up, tell us about the recipe in your book of which you are most proud.

AW: The full spectrum birthday cake is mind blowingly good. I like to think of myself as a bit of a chocolatier and this particular recipe has such a creamy chocolatey richness but leaves you feeling super energized and really rather blissful.

Raw Food Power

Raw Food Power

For your chance to win a copy of this fabulous and inspiring book, leave a comment telling me about your most amazing raw food experience to date.

The comp will run until midnight on Friday May 17, 2013 UK time. I will pick the answer that tickles my fancy the most and organise for a copy of the book to be sent from the publisher. I will not pick my friends, family or enemies.

In order for me to contact the winner, please leave an email address or Twitter handle with your entry.

Leave your comment now!

If you can’t wait to see if you are a winner and feel you must have the book instantly, buy it on Amazon. I don’t know about you, but I could really go a piece of raw chocolate cake right about now.

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  1. If I am honest raw food is so tasty and as nature intended. I was amazed at the amount of food I collected when foraging and making a salad from the items I found and plants and flowers out of the garden was colourful and delicious! Not the most technical but then simple is sometimes best.

  2. The comp is open to you no matter where you live in the world. The book will be shipped worldwide. Remember to include an email or Twitter handle so I can contact you.

  3. The most amazing raw foods are hands down the cakes at Inspiral London 🙂 Every cake I ever tried I loved, especially the hazelnut one. Their pizza is also nice, but come on – given the choice of pizza or cake, what would you rather have? 🙂

  4. ooh, great giveaway! I love experimenting with raw foods. But I usually stick to simple ideas
    I love raw soups on a hot day.
    My favourite is cherry tomatoes, celery, cucumber, avocado, basil and red pepper
    Simple, but really yummy!

  5. I loved the visits I made to Saf restaurant for gourmet raw when it was in Shoreditch. On a day to day basis nothing can beat my boyfriend’s ‘raw balls’ that we keep in the freezer!

  6. Very simple.. avocado, alfalfa sprouts, houmous, rolled in rocket and watercress, with sweet organic slither of carrot and fresh juicy tomatoes. Mmmmm

  7. Former Hollywood stunt person turned raw recipe creator?! That sounds like an awesome life!
    Adore raw food but actually don’t have any raw recipe books so thank you for the chance to win one.
    My “most amazing raw food experience” was my 21st birthday party. I was super lucky to celebrate at Saf (the former restaurant in Shoreditch). There were 25 or so of us, all friends and family, none vegan and certainly with no experience of raw food. As well as me loving every dish I had, it was fantastic to see all my guests loving it too and so intrigued about the ingredients and disbelieving that the chocolate orange ice cream (cashew-based) had no animal products in! Feels so good to spread the vegan love 😀

  8. When I was in Dublin we got a train and spent a day in Wicklow. We were talking to the owner of the local health food shop who mentioned there was a raw cafe nearby. We eventually found the place that was run by a spiritual organisation. I had an amazing pizza followed by cheesecake. So glad we happened upon the place!

  9. I don’t know how much this counts but my most fabulous raw food experience is standing out in the orchards with my daughter – our arms dripping with red cherry juice and our faces covered as well. Eating the sun ripened fruit right off the tree and spitting the seeds out onto the cool ground below us. I don’t see anything topping that for me.

  10. My best raw food experience is… every time I open a ripe avocado! 🙂

  11. My fave is ‘The Slurpy Toad’ smoothie off The Raw Chef website:

    His wilted kale salad is Rawesome also!

  12. The best (and most simple) raw food experience I’ve had was in Vieques, Puerto Rico. I was staying there for three months to do research at the Ponce School of Medicine and decided to take a weekend trip to Vieques, a beautiful island off the coast of the main island. The beaches were devoid of people, but abundant with fresh coconuts. We were craving the juice, but didn’t happen to bring our machete to crack them open. Eventually a beach bum (with his dog) walked by carrying a machete (kinda terrifying…since we were the only ones on the beach) and he cracked some open for us to drink/eat. @johnson2589

  13. Im not kidding – my TWO best raw food experiences were at a vegan potluck in London. Rob, the organiser of Vegan meetup first made a pasta dish made with zucchini and cashews and I was blown away. He told me to go out and buy the Joyce Chen slicer so I could make the noodles at home and I bought 3! The next week he made an amazing raw sprouted salad with lentils, chickpeas, mung beans and chopped veg. Simple, but delicious. Again I marvelled, and made him teach me how I could sprout. He made it so accessible – I sprout in tupperware on my counter and it works perfectly. He’s converted me!

  14. This might sound really stupid but my most amazing RAW experience occurred when I was driving through the country and pulled over by an orchard. The owner was selling freshly picked organic apples. I bought a bag and quickly took out an apple and bit into it. It was the most amazing tasting apple I’ve ever had. That to date is my most amazing RAW experience!

  15. As a newly converted vegetarian I am always looking for new ideas to fill my diet. I have made up some really good dishes and some not so good ones. The best ones have all been raw ingrediants with no dairy or egg, making them vegan. Reading your twitter updates just inspires me more. Thank you.

  16. Unfortunately I never had a proper raw meal since I’m not a very experienced cook and a little bit frightened of trying, to be honest. And living in rural Germany doesn’t help, I’m lucky if I find a restaurant with a vegan side dish like chips, I have no idea how many hours I had to drive to find a raw food restaurant.
    Which means my only “fancy” raw meal was stinging nettle in elementary school. Was great.

  17. My favorite raw meal was at Blossoming Lotus in Portland. I’m normally hyper suspicious of raw food and had had a few not so great experiences before. I had raw tacos, and the filling was made of walnuts, seasoned to taste like chorizo. It was amazing!

  18. As I come from Greece (where salad is a common dish on every day’s table), I think my most pleasant surprise came when I ate raw greens (a variety of them) that grow freely in fields (one has to know which are edible or not to collect them). We usually boil them (and eat them seasoned with olive oil and lemon or vinegar) and even drink the broth. But eating them raw was quite a revelation!

    Then of course, there is my favorite salad with raw zucchinis and spinach leaves.

  19. What can I say? I LOVE raw food- I eat a massive salad at least once a day. But I’m not very adventurous with my raw food so it would be wonderful to have some ideas! I think this recipe book would go very nicely alongside my Ms Cupcake book as the start of my vegan recipe book collection!!
    Thepudnud on Twitter.

  20. I’m still waiting for my raw food experience! I’ve eyed up books and searched out recipes, but the ones I’ve found require dehydrators and other sorts of space-age equipment. I’d like to include more raw food in my diet, apart from salad and fruit, and just need some baby-step recipes and a firm promise of a delicious result!

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