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Drink beer today

Are you up early on this fine Saturday morning with no idea how you can get the most out of life? I have the answer.

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Vegan beer in Leeds

Here is some wonderful news for the vegans and beer lovers of Leeds. Wharf Chambers Co-operative Club has announced the return of its beer festival, showcasing some of the best in Yorkshire breweries. A hit in last year’s heatwave, the event

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Three times the fun

I love a good burger, me. Fry it. Stick it in a bun. I want it. Slap some mustard on. Melt some plant-based cheese. I dream of these things. This love of all things burger forced me into a difficult

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Cupcake competition

Living in London, it is easy to feel like you are at the centre of all things vegan in the UK. We have a monthly potluck, a monthly drinks event, a yearly beer fest, amazing vegan bakeries, vegan friendly restaurants

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The Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival

This is some enjoyable news, indeed. Congratulations to Leeds on welcoming the first ever Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival. After quickly browsing the event website, it looks like it is going to be a solid show. The organisers have promised 100+

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I saw one of the most joyous things ever today. I had been in Leeds visiting friends over the weekend and was making my way to the train station this morning for my return journey to London when I spotted

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Leeds has gone global

I get a lot of stick for giving bad reviews to restaurants. Some people are of the mind that it is detrimental to veganism to publish negative reviews of vegetarian establishments that serve sub-standard vegan food. Maybe they think a

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We love you LEEDS! LEEDS! LEEDS!

In some parts of the world, it can be a struggle to be a vegan. If you are located a long distance from a major city, plant-based foods and cruelty-free supplies can be difficult to track down let alone finding

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London happy, Leeds sad

This news is simultaneously good and bad. The phenomenal clothing and footwear retailer The Third Estate has announced its final days trading in Leeds city centre and the subsequent move they are making to London. Like I said, happy London

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Grove is in the heart

Can’t decide between pizza and curry? Don’t know if you should grab a samosa or a plate of savoury rice? Eating can be a real dilemma. Well, one restaurant is making it easy for vegans to have all of these

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