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People in the UK love a cooked breakfast and the number one question I get asked by readers is concerned with that very topic.

Who serves a vegan version of a full English breakfast?

Vegans in Leeds will know the answer to this query. Yep, check out my recent breakfast at Global Tribe Cafe in Leeds city centre.

This is exactly how I want my vegan breakfast. Simple. Perfect tofu scramble. Two pieces of toast. Gorgeous beans. Slightly cooked tomato so I can pretend I am being healthy.

Have you tried this breakfast at Global Tribe Cafe? What did you think? Where else can I get a fab vegan breakfast in the UK?

You can follow Global Tribe Cafe on Twitter. Check out my previous post about the cafe.

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  1. I think The Bristolian on Picton Street in Bristol looks better. Best I’ve had.

  2. Errrm, where’s the potato? Hash brown / chips / fried spuds / bubble n squeak / waffle / rosti – I’m not fussy! 😉
    Also, I’m afraid it HAS to be tinned toms with a fry up for me. (And nuke those mushrooms a bit longer please – the darker and more slug-like the better in my book)
    But, having said all that: #nom X^D

    • BTW – the Sportsman’s Cafe in Canterbury (Wincheap) and the Brunchbowl in Rainham (Medway towns, Kent – not Essex) are my recommendations for wobbly breakfast goodness xx

  3. I do think the Boston Tea Party chain do a pretty decent vegan breakfast, especially if you ask for sourdough toast with marge on the side (otherwise they spread it for you, which I don’t like). I also used to have a shameful liking for the Sainsbury’s cafe’s effort, although I haven’t had one in a while, and would need to check the sausages as I know the own-brand ones they were using got discontinued.

    If you’re talking indie places, the last decent breakfast I had was at the Karmic Cafe in Worcester (ZolaSpud – they had tinned tomatoes!).

  4. Another where else – soon to be opened cafe in Doncaster that’s where – along with other goodies

  5. Not sure you’ve mentioned this cafe yet: Persepolis, a dinky Persian shop in Peckham that sells an enormous range of interesting foodie goodies & incorporates a veggie cafe:

    They have a massive list of ever-changing daily specials not listed on the menu on their website – most stuff is either vegan or can be veganised. The owner prides herself on ensuring she gets the vegan options right.

    Just had a lovely Snackistan brunch of spicy friend plantain & scrambled tofu on warm khobez (Arabian flatbread) for £3.50 plus a delicious mango, tamarind & ginger smoothie for £2.75 & there are several other brunch options – though all the food is served from around 11am until 8.45pm, seven days a week, so you can try what you like while it lasts.

    The daily hotpot special at a fiver is always.great (today’s was mung beans, last time beetroot & pomegranate – comes with saffron rice, salad & (soya) yoghurt).

    Loads of vegan desserts at £3.50 – the Vegan Knickerbocker Glory (yes!) is worth a visit alone & today I had a Hot Paklava Meltdown (crumbled warm paklava in vegan ice-cream, nuts, date syrup etc – house rule is you must eat it all before the ice-cream melts).

    Oh, & most of the top shelf of the tiny Iranian sweet pastries are vegan so rude not to try some….

  6. The Black Cat (Hackney, London) breakfast is my absolute favourite! It comes with a rasher of bacon, roast garlic potatoes and a pancake as well as home made beans, mushrooms, scrambled tofu and sausage. Closely followed by The Hornbeam Cafe (Walthamstow, London) who serve their own sourdough bread, home made beans and locally grown greens as well as mushrooms, potatoes, sausage and scrambled tofu.

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