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Leeds has gone global

I get a lot of stick for giving bad reviews to restaurants. Some people are of the mind that it is detrimental to veganism to publish negative reviews of vegetarian establishments that serve sub-standard vegan food. Maybe they think a cafe deserves credit for just trying to include us. That attitude doesn’t fly with me.

Why shouldn’t we expect the best when paying for vegan goods and services? Why shouldn’t we speak up when we think what we received was less than the best?

Restaurants and cafes deserve to know and I have the right to voice my opinion in any way I see fit. And when a veggie restaurant serves me delicious and well-made vegan food, I’m the first one to get the news out. I don’t complain for the sake of complaining.

All I do is tell it like it is and the way it is in Leeds at the moment is very promising indeed! A new vegetarian cafe has popped up in this Northern city and their commitment to vegan options could teach many vegetarian eateries more than a thing or two.

Global Tribe Cafe in Leeds

Global Tribe Cafe in Leeds

Global Tribe Cafe is marvellous on so many levels. Its location in the city centre is extremely handy. The space is very cosy with gorgeous lighting and comfortable furniture. The staff are friendly, approachable, helpful and knowledgeable about the food. But best of all, they have many vegan dishes and what isn’t plant-based can be easily adapted.

My friend Simon and I decided to take shelter from the Leeds weather a few weekends back and we were both blown away by the food and the service.

Our dishes were bursting with flavour. My hearty winter mixed bean stew was served with a gigantic chunk of soft bread and a tub of vegan spread. It was such good value for money at £6.95 that it took me an extremely long time to finish it off. Simon (my omni friend who takes meat with most meals) couldn’t stop raving about his Moroccan tagine. His huge bowl was accompanied by a pile of cous cous and fresh salad, all for £6.95. Both of our meals also had the option of being served gluten free.

Such a welcoming space

Such a welcoming space

Hearty Winter Mixed Bean Stew

Hearty Winter Mixed Bean Stew

Moroccan Tagine with salad & cous cous

Moroccan Tagine with salad & cous cous

Happy staff in an open kitchen - such a nice sight

Happy staff in an open kitchen – such a nice sight

Vegan cakes were plentiful, but we were so full from our generous meals that sadly we left without treats. I am desperate to get back to Leeds just so I can try their lentil burger served with potato and sweet potato wedges, salad and vegan mayo.

See, I can be positive about a vegetarian restaurant when it is warranted and nobody is more deserving of high praise than Global Tribe Cafe.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Thanks for this! Although a born and bred Englander, I have still never really been up north, but I’ve heard of the vegan treats that await, so it’s nice to get some tips.
    I think you’re completely justified in giving bad reviews. I think it’s so bad when a restaurant that claims to cater to vegans gets it completely wrong. I recently ordered a “Vegan Sandwich” somewhere and it came with butter slathered on it. I know it wasn’t Pure spread or anything like that, because I haven’t had dairy in over a year and it was startlingly obvious when I ate it. However, out of politeness I just ignored it. I also found a potato-specialised café (don’t ask) that said there were great vegan options… turned out the sole vegan option was a jacket potato with beans, which cost about £5. Awful.

  2. The food looks lovely and this post has officially put me in the mood for soup!

  3. I ate here once in Summer 2012 on a visit to Leeds, and like you I enjoyed it immensely. It’s good food at good prices, with friendly staff in a nice setting. What more can anyone want?

    I was not so foolish as to fill up on the main course however, as I had room for a delicious slice of vegan chocolate cake and a cup of fair trade coffee!

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more; that’s been the mission statement of my blog since the start: you don’t get a pass just because you’re vegan! Planning a trip to London and letting you be my guide 😉

  5. I don’t know Leeds very well and came across this post when searching out vegan options last week. Great recommendation, my meal was amazing!

    And I agree with your opinion on bad reviews, as vegans we are so often forced to settle for crap food when eating out, a bit of ‘constructive criticism’ for restaurants to do more can only be a good thing.

  6. Thanks! Just found it!

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