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Gorgeous pub

Don’t you just adore a fabulous bar with plenty of vegan beer and tubs of vegan snacks? What do you mean you’ve never been to one?!

Get your compassionate bones to Leeds as soon as possible to enjoy this fine experience.

bundobust leeds popcorn and okra fries vegan beer menu pint

Bundobust in Leeds city centre is not a vegan establishment, but is incredibly welcoming to those with plant-based concerns. The place is so vegan friendly, the menu only tells you when a bottled beer ISN’T vegan.

If you love beer, you will go loopy for the wide selection on offer and the insight the servers have into what is suitable.

Oh, yeah. They also have amazing Indian street food snacks sold in tapas sized tubs with plenty of vegan options! How about popcorn and mini poppodoms tossed in green chilli and garlic oil? Maybe you will enjoy the crunchy okra fries? When I was in the bar, approximately half the vegetarian food menu was also vegan.

Have you been to Bundobust? Did you love this craft beer emporium as much as I did?

Visit Bundobust online, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. What Sean said. Especially about the crispy Okra. I had a lovely evening with Leeds vegans here on the eve of the Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival.

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