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Berlin food update

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When we first moved here last spring, the north-west part of the city was curiously lacking in vegan places, compared to the rest of Berlin.

While it is still a noticeably empty zone on the Happy Cow map, the situation has improved due to the opening of two all-vegan cafés, Geh Veg and Valladares. They’re both very nice places too.

Valladares is a café with a small but well-stocked grocery store attached. If we lived nearby I’m sure we’d use it quite a bit. The café is good too, with a range of savoury and sweet options. We had wraps (note for non-German visitors: the word “oriental” in Germany refers to West Asia, not East Asia – so the “oriental wrap” is hummous, not hoi sin!) followed by a big chunk of chocolate cake, and a flapjack type thing, which we really enjoyed. We also bought some sweets for the way home!

Valladares Berlin vegan cafe, coffee and cake

The other vegan place in the area is called Geh Veg, which is a pun on the German for “go away” but turned into “Go Veg”. The Germans seem to really like puns. I was lured in by the promise of bagels, which didn’t disappoint. There’s a selection of ready-made bagels available, so don’t get there too late in the evening or they may run out! There are also hot dogs, desserts and a range of vegan ice-creams of many flavours. As you can see from the photo, we combined a cookie with ice-cream to create our own custom dessert! Geh Veg is open pretty late too, for a café, which suits us (we’re not morning people).

Geh Veg Berlin, vegan ice-cream and cookie Geh Veg Berlin, bagel and vegan hot-dog Geh Veg Berlin A-boardI do hope that these two places are just the first of many vegan places to open in Moabit. They’re off to a good start, anyway!

You can find more info on Valladares here, and more info on Geh Veg here.

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