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It’s a wrap

Hey Leeds people and visitors to Leeds. Get tasty vegan tacos and burritos!

I was slipping down a Leeds side-street a few days ago (I was in town to watch Morrissey perform) when I saw the word ‘vegan’ stamped on a cafe window. Of course I investigated.

The Wraps is a brand new Tex-Mex style eatery serving simple and tasty wraps and burritos in Leeds city centre. Opened only a few weeks, the cafe does serve meat but makes an effort to cater to their vegan customer base.

I indulged in the vegan hard-shelled tacos featuring refried beans and mountains of fresh salad. My only mistake was piling on the jalapeños which turned out to be incredibly hot.

20150320_175324 20150320_175836You can visit The Wraps vegan menu online and follow them on Twitter.

Get eating!

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  1. The Wraps are bizarrely trying to raise funds to open a second restaurant, via Indiegogo on the Leeds Vegan and Veggies Facebook page. I don’t have any objection to buying their vegan food, but funding a restaurant that sells animal corpses? I don’t think so!

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