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Best kept vegan secret in London

I’m going to tell you about a vegan location in London that you probably have never heard of and if you have, you probably have forgotten. I forgot. I used to visit this location back in 2001, but it had … Continue reading

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Petition time!

CLICK HERE TO SIGN or read on for more details Do you remember when we all joined together as one vegan superpower and got Holland & Barrett to reverse their decision to not stock the Fry’s Vegetarian frozen vegan product range? Well, we … Continue reading

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Keep it kosher

I don’t plan my eating around religious concerns, unless you consider indiscriminate vegan overeating a religion. My food consumption, like all areas of my life, exists outside organised religion. But my food atheism certainly doesn’t prohibit me from benefiting from belief systems … Continue reading

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Who knows or cares what an imitation is?

Guest post time again. Josh is super excited about a new range of vegan products that are changing the shape of high street shopping and he really wants you to know. _______________________________________________________________ It’s a vegan revolution – no really! Tesco … Continue reading

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Magical sneaky snack time

As I reported a few months ago, the grocery store chain Co-operative is a market leader in labelling cruelty-free products. What many other high street food retailers are now just doing, Co-operative has been doing well for over a decade. You can buy all … Continue reading

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Back to infinity

Have you had the pleasure of visiting the Infinity Foods shop in Brighton? Check out this mini-photo post featuring goods purchased from Infinity today…

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Who the hell is Melanie Sykes?

You will probably have noticed that I like to start my stories with an anecdote or two. Just a little something to make you sure you made the correct choice by clicking on my link. But I have a problem. … Continue reading

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