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M&S welcomes World Vegan Day (Friday 1st November) with the commitment to have an entirely vegan-friendly own-label wine range on shelf by the end of 2022 – a UK first for a chain retailer.

Animal-based ingredients are commonly used in wine production across with the most common including egg whites, milk protein and animal gelatine. Substituting these for plant-based alternatives such as pea protein, or modifying vine management and winemaking techniques means the wines are 100% suitable for those following a vegan-based diet.

M&S was an early pioneer of this movement, first labelling wines as ‘suitable for vegetarians’ back in 1998, with ‘suitable for vegans’ following in 2005 – now all bottles are clearly marked on the back label.

Currently 70% of the M&S wine range is suitable for vegans, representing a significant offering already in place. Many customer favourites are already part of the vegan-friendly range, including popular wines such as M&S Prosecco (£7), Chablis (£12), Vinalta Malbec (£9) and Delacourt Champagne NV (£25)

Commenting on M&S’ long-standing dedication to this goal, Sue Daniels, M&S Winemaker, said: “We’ve made this commitment as part of our overall aim to make M&S products more relevant to more customers and to take action to reflect their changing dietary demands.

“Obviously, such a large-scale commitment isn’t without its challenges – however we have been working on alternatives with winemakers for several years and have already seen radical changes in more traditional areas such as France and Spain. We will be supporting the rest of our partner wineries every step of the way towards this goal.”

The commitment supports M&S’ focus on plant-based eating, having earlier this year launched its hugely successful vegan-friendly range Plant Kitchen comprising over 60 products from vegan firsts such as Plant Kitchen Coleslaw to new customer favourites Cauliflower Popcorn Bites and Cashew Mac & Cheese.

This Christmas, the retailer is extending its vegan range to offer customers for the first time a complete vegan-friendly Christmas dinner, whilst this week sees the launch of a brand new vegan sandwich into its popular vegan sandwich range the Plant Kitchen Nutcracker Sandwich, £3.50.

Visit the M&S wine shop online.

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