Help this independent vegan shop in the UK stay open

Friends. I sound like a broken record but it needs repeating constantly.

Shop with independently owned vegan businesses or we will lose them.

The above message was posted by the owner of Kind Earth Vegan Supermarket in Llanelli, South Wales.

They are on the brink of closing.

UK independent vegan businesses are crucial for some many reasons, but I’ll give you just the top few:

  • they create local jobs for local people without exploiting animals
  • they keep more money in local communities
  • they help to keep the focus of animals at the heart of veganism
  • they add social capital to neighbourhoods
  • they are opportunities to cross promote other independent businesses and producers

Kind Earth is a much-loved independent business and the locals want it to stay.

Here are some ways you can help keep it open:

  • if you are in the area, shop there regularly
  • if you are visiting, make a special one-off visit and spend cash
  • sign up to the Kind Earth newsletter to find out how to shop via mail order and join their veg box scheme
  • follow Kind Earth on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

If you are in South Wales, drop in for a visit. You can see the exact location of Kind Earth thanks to Google Maps.

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