Vegan Indian restaurant in Mexico City

I’ve long been singing the praises of the vegan food scene in Mexico City and it certainly isn’t slowing down.

Vegan bakeries, restaurants, cafés, and events are popping up all over the Mexican capital.

One of the newest additions is Naan Mexico, a vegan Indian restaurant located in the Santa María la Ribera neighbourhood.

Located on the side of Parque Santa María la Rivera – San Cosme (a small park and square just a one minute walk from San Cosme Metro station), the restaurant is a casual space with bright paint and a pleasant view of the square.

The menu is relatively small for an Indian restaurant, but the food is affordable and tasty.

I enjoyed samosas with chutney, a glass of mango lassi, and a bowl of Kashmiri curry.

It is a great option for that part of the city which has been a little lacking in vegan restaurants.

You can see the exact location of Naan Mexico thanks to Google Maps.

Be sure to follow Naan Mexico on Instagram.

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