Fry’s ditched by Ocado

Since 1991, The Fry Family Food Co has been making meat alternatives and recent data sees the brand ranked as the 7th largest meat-free brand by retail value, growing at an astonishing +211% year on year.

Yay for vegan food and yay for animals!

But the bad news?

After stocking Fry’s for the last 6 years, Ocado online supermarket has decided to stop selling the brand.

Those who rely on home delivery for their shopping in the UK will now find it much harder to access the full Fry’s range.

The Fry Family Food Co is hoping their supporters and fans can show Ocado how many customers they are disappointing and get them to reconsider the sudden decision.

If you want to get involved with asking for a reversal of this decision, tag Ocado in your social media posts. You can also write to Ocado directly at with your opinions.

Contact Ocado on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also buy Fry Family Food Co products from independent vegan and health food stores around the UK.

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  1. Have since ditched Ocado in protest and so have a lot of my vegan friends. Their dropping share price reflects this.

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