Vegans are obsessed with IKEA

Trends in the vegan world are tough to keep up with as there seems to be a never-ending stream of breaking news and product launches in 2019.

I’ve made it my business to know what is happening when it comes to plant-based developments over the past decade but I sometimes feel like I have vegan fatigue from the ridiculous number of news stories breaking every week.

Yes, I am tired and worn out from trying to stay updated with vegan developments however there is one story within this swell of stories that still has the power to get me excited and hold my interest.


I am obsessed by how obsessed vegans are with the plant-based products of IKEA. This is the strange and wonderful world we find ourselves in right now. IKEA is somehow the hottest global trend in veganism!

I spend a lot of time in Mexico City and we do not have an IKEA here. Can you even imagine?! I’ve got IKEA envy. Every single day I watch vegan after vegan post photos of plant-based foods from their local IKEA and I don’t have one near me.

Because I’m currently out of the IKEA loop, I’ve pulled together a few recent Instagram posts showcasing this love affair between UK vegans and the Swedish-founded mega store… plus a few photos from IKEA-loving vegans from around the rest of the world, too.

And until the Mexico City location reportedly opens next year, these photos are all I have.

Let’s do this!

UK photos first up.

Rest of the world.

If I haven’t showcased your favourite IKEA vegan eats, please let me now all about it in the comments.

In the instance I ever do make it to an IKEA, the first place you will hear about it is my Instagram account.

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