Vegan brioche buns in major UK supermarket

The future is here and it tastes like brioche.

Superstar vegan eatery Make No Bones of Sheffield has been collaborating with local bakery Fletchers to design the perfect vegan brioche.

And guess what? They have done it!

Don’t they look sensational?!

I asked Lauren from Make No Bones to give me a brief comment on the brioche launch and she said:

From our point of view, we are dead excited that there is a demand for vegan brioche and how far the accessibility of vegan food has come!

The Make No Bones vegan brioche buns launched in 400 Tesco stores today (January 27, 2020). I haven’t seen a store list yet but I have heard that they are mostly in Tesco Extra locations.

Are you excited for vegan Brioche buns?

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  1. I’m immensely excited for vegan brioche buns!! This news has made my day, thank you!

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