BREAKING NEWS: Hackney Downs in vegan world first

This news is too exciting to keep to myself any longer.

I am thrilled to announce that Hackney Downs Vegan Market is set to become the world’s first full weekend vegan market.

Yes, that’s right. The market will be trading on Sunday as well as Saturday each week!

Hackney Downs Vegan Market has become known for being the friendliest market in London.

Starting as a one-off Festive market a couple of years ago, the market then experienced runaway success as a monthly market and enjoyed attendee numbers in the thousands. The crowd numbers were so good that we had to make the market a weekly event in order to control crowds.

The demand was certainly there so Hackney Downs Vegan Market became the first weekly vegan market in the UK.

Located at Hackney Downs Studios E8, the market has become well known as a destination for the best vegan street food in London. Many of our traders have used the market to springboard into bigger business ventures and we are proud to support independent traders on their journeys.

The popularity of the market means there is immense interest to trade with us and our waiting list currently holds more than 400 traders.

There is only one way we can start to give more traders an opportunity and that is to expand the market into Sunday. Hackney Downs Vegan Market will be the world’s first full weekend vegan market!

We look forward to welcoming you on September 16, 2018 for the first Sunday version of our market and we hope this gives many more of you a chance to spend time at the world’s most-loved vegan market.

Commencing Saturday 15 and Sunday 16, 2018 Hackney Downs Vegan Market will be a full weekend market, opening from 11am until 5pm on both days.

The market will be open every Saturday and Sunday.

I’m not sure where else you need to be each weekend. Our market has got BOTH days sorted for you with burgers, beer, cakes, cheeses, and so much more. Don’t forget that the Temple of Seitan operated TEMPLE GOODS vegan café is on site at the market and open all weekend with brunch, coffee, tea, and gorgeous baked treats.

Stay tuned for more details and follow me (Fat Gay Vegan) on Instagram. This is where I share trader and food line-ups for the market each Friday ahead of the weekend.

Extra note: my second weekly vegan market taking place in Clapham is commencing on Saturday September 15, 2018. Fat Gay Vegan at Venn Street is a 10-stall market running alongside the original Venn Street Market every Saturday. Read more here.

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  1. Fantastic news FGV!

  2. Hi sean. Have you created a facebook event so i can share?

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