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Doesn’t it make you feel like a happier person when you get a chance to help an independent vegan business?

Well, today you are going to be twice as delighted because two vegan businesses need your assistance.

First up:

Vegan brewhouse and all-round legendary company Brass Castle needs our help to buy a crowler.

What the fuck is a crowler? A crowler is a canning machine that allows beer to be canned fresh out of the tap.

Having a crowler will allow Brass Castle to sell takeout beer to customers at their taphouse, as well as package and send beer to customers around the UK.

At time of posting this story, the Brass Castle crowler campaign was 65% funded with 16 days remaining. Click on the photo above or here to pledge if you can afford it. They have vegan beer rewards!


The Spotless Leopard is a much-loved vegan food truck in Bristol and it needs our help to stay on the road.

Running a food business is tough work. Mentally, physically and financially. Profit margins are narrow, leaving not a lot of money spare for when emergencies crop up.

The Spotless Leopard has a batch of repairs that need seeing to if they want to stay viable and trading.

You can click on the photo above or here if you are able to push some money their way. They have great thank you rewards available if you are in the Bristol area. A small donation if you are nowhere near the city would of course be greatly appreciated, I’m sure.

There you have it.

Two opportunities to lend a helping hand to independent business.

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