Vegan NYE cruise through Portugal

If you read this blog with any regularity or follow me on social media, you’ll be aware that I often team up with Vegan River Cruises for 100% vegan cruises along some of the most beautiful waterways in Europe.

I have hosted on board New Year’s Eve parties in Rotterdam and Vienna, cruised past stunning castles, and delighted at the scenery in the south of France.

But maybe this year’s NYE cruise is the best of all.

Join me on a luxury vegan cruise out of Porto and the through the breathtaking Portugal countryside.

Commencing in the stunning river city of Porto on December 27, 2017 and returning on January 3, 2018, this cruise will take in numerous towns and unparalleled scenery as it glides along the serene Douro River.

The map above shows the route the Miguel Torga will take, allowing passengers to take in the beautiful Portuguese countryside from the comfort of this luxury hotel on water.

Like all of the cruise ships I’ve encountered with Vegan River Cruises, the Miguel Torga is top of the line with well-appointed cabins, ample viewing areas inside and on deck, an impressive dining room, a comfortable common lounge and bar, and world class chef, servers, attendants and crew.

This cruise is a full-board cruise, meaning you do not have to pay for any of your meals served on board. This includes the always impressive buffet breakfast, as well as the multi-course set menu meals presented for lunch and dinner every day.

In addition, drinks served with dinner are included in the price you pay including wine, beer, juice, tea and coffee. Of course everything is vegan and you won’t have to get your wallet out. Inclusive drinks are also available in the lounge bar from midday and into the evening.

The Miguel Torga has 63 cabins, making it a little bit smaller than our previous NYE cruises. This of course means the best rooms will be snapped up quickly and I expect the cruise to sell out completely.

This stunning, completely-vegan cruise through Portugal is a rare chance to enjoy an inclusive vacation in gorgeous surroundings with an entire ship filled with vegan and vegan-friendly people.

Every single part of this cruise is vegan, from your meals to your drinks. Even your hosts for the on board NYE party are vegan (me and my partner Josh!).

Click here to find out more info such as cabin availability and pricing.

Don’t leave it too long to book. See you on board!

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. RIght folks! Who wants to look after my kids and pay for my trip so that I can do this? Yes! Anyone? Anyone????
    No-one? 🙁
    Oh well. It’ll be a fabulous fantasy holiday for me, and I’ll be happy for those lucky souls for whom it is not fantasy but reality!

  2. Are drinks free during the day, too? (That is, if you fancy a beer or cocktail in the afternoon, is that included? And is the mini bar in the room free too?)

    Also- any ideas about times when the boat will depart and return to Porto? I’d be really interested in this, but I’ve never been on a cruise before and I don’t know whether (I’d be starting in London) I’d need to stay in Porto itself on the nights before and after embarkation/disembarkation.

    Any info much appreciated- looks amazing!

    • Hi Brian. I’m pretty certain that the drinks are all included but you would need to reach out to the cruise director to confirm and for info on times. Here is the email address:

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