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Be my guest

If you follow me on Twitter, you will already know I am eating and drinking myself into oblivion in Los Angeles. I am having a fab time in my favourite city and have eaten in some of the best vegan establishments in the world.

Vegan life in London has kept trundling along while I have been living it up in SoCal, specifically the annual London Vegan Festival. I am a bit down about missing out on all the cruelty-free action but I do still get a small insight into the proceedings as Josh very kindly collected some photos of the event and has even written a few words about what went down.

Let’s get straight into it. Thanks, Josh!

This is a really brief, photo-heavy summary of the London Vegan Festival that happened yesterday, 21st August 2011.

The photos are pretty crummy due the terrible light quality… believe me, these are the best of the 60+ photos that I took so you can imagine how bad some of the others were…

People on line for the London Vegan Festival 2011

Kensington Town Hall was a great venue (except the lighting) for the event with the stalls spread out across three different spaces and several additional venues for talks, concerts, workshops etc.  I would guess that there were well over a thousand people there – towards the middle of the day it became nearly impossible to move down some of the aisles!  There was a even a long queue to get in at one point.

Attendees were welcomed by this sign:

Welcome sign for the festival

Would have been nice to see ‘Homophobia’ on that list too if you ask me.

Here’s a general shot of the main hall getting pretty crowded:

Vegans everywhere!

Several of my favourite food companies were there including…

Fry’s Vegetarian:

Fry's Vegetarian samples

Vegusto (who tell me that their UK online store is just weeks away now):

Vegusto vegan cheese


Plamil mayo & chocolate


Redwood galore

Moo Free Chocolates:

Moo Free Chocolates on show

I didn’t make it to any of the workshops or talks as they weren’t really my cup of tea (chanting workshop, speed dating, vegan body-building etc).  Speaking of tea though, I did get a cup and sit outside for a while with a stupendous cookie sandwich from Ms. Cupcake:

Ms Cupcake representing

More from Ms Cupcake

There were various other bakers/bakeries at the festival with all manner of delicious-looking treats on offer.  Sadly I couldn’t eat any more but took some photos:

To Happy Vegans:

Donuts by THV

To Happy Vegans cake

Health Angels Baking Club:

Goods by Health Angels

Lastly, some shops had stalls at the event.  First up is Vx/Secret Society of Vegans which you can read more about here:

Vx at the London Vegan Festival


Go Max Go Foods candy!

More vegan goods


Lush cosmetics

It was a great day with so much incredible vegan food and some lovely people.  If you can’t wait until the 2012 festival, you can come along to Animal Aid‘s completely vegan ‘Christmas Without Cruelty’ fayre which happens in the same building in December.  Details here.

See you there!!

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  1. You forgot to mention that there was a gay vegan social get together at the London Vegan Festival! We had a few turn up. The cakes/puddings at the Festival were great!

    • I wasn’t there! I heard rumblings of a meet up so I’m glad it happened.

  2. Hello,
    Please can you share where i might purchase those tasty looking Doughnuts from THV?
    Thank you

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