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Boutique in my backyard

How do you judge the appeal of a city? When and how does a location ‘arrive’ as an internationally-recognised destination?

Vx in Kings Cross, London

Some people will hold a city up against an arts and culture criteria. It becomes relevant when it can be seen as a cultural hub. Natural attractions are a draw for many others. There is nothing like a stunning mountain range or miles of golden beaches nearby to pull the punters in. History is often used as a measuring device when considering the worth of a city. A long list of ancient curiosities will usually drive the worth of a city sky high.

But I have my own way to determine how world-class a city is… does it have a vegan boutique? Well, you can add London to the list of ‘made it’ cities based on the existence of the wholly-vegan store known as Vx.

Vx (pronounced vee cross) is a boutique that will please consumers wishing to spend their money in a cruelty-free establishment. The store boasts a diverse range of stock including shoes, unique t-shirt designs, lifestyle/cooking books, bags, belts and (most importantly to a FGV) food.

Vegan rolo cake by Accidentally Vegan

The highlight of a visit to Vx has to be the food. Offerings are sourced from Ms. Cupcake and Accidentally Vegan, with a decent supply of goodies always on display.

During a recent visit I devoured a slice of vegan rolo cake created by Accidentally, washed down with a milkshake made on site using Sweetbird syrups. Vx has a cosy downstairs dining area, perfect for chilling out and sharing vegan gossip.

Vegan shoes, clothing & accessories at Vx

Vx doesn’t limit itself to clothing and ready-to-eat cakes and sandwiches. The store also carries a diverse range of packaged and chilled vegan goods. Choose from biscuits, jerky, sweets, vitamins, jelly crystals and more.

Vegan snacks at Vx

The range of products on offer is extremely eclectic and I’m not sure how they decide what to stock. Perhaps they order in their own favourite treats. Whatever way it happens, vegans will be pleased to browse and buy from the cruelty-free selection.

The store is also home to the Secret Society of Vegans brand. Logos and designs bearing these words are featured on t-shirts, pins, bags and other items. The owner of the Vx sold earlier forms of these designs at a market stall prior to the 2010 opening of the Kings Cross boutique.

The SSOV range is incredibly popular. I have personally seen people sporting the t-shirts in cities across the UK, US and Australia.

When in London, head on in to Vx and support a vegan boutique. In conjunction with other vegan traders such as Ms. Cupcake, this business is positioning London as a must-see city for compassionate travelers.

Follow Secret Society of Vegans and Vx on Twitter.

Vx: 73 Caledonian Road, London N1 9BT Telephone: 020 7833 2315

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I was a bit disappointed by the shop when I went. The fridges and freezer were almost empty and they didn’t seem to fill their space very well. Friends asked them to consider stocking things like gluten and apparently they were very dismissive. Having said that it was well worth the trip for the Vegusto cheese they sell, which I think might be my favourite anywhere. I’ll be blogging about it soon.

    • I agree the store can be a bit patchy. Stock isn’t always overflowing, but they are an independent retailer and that is a tough road to travel. I had to make do with my third choice for shoes due to size availability, but in the end I was happy to support a vegan business. I’d imagine the more pounds we spend there, the more stock they will have in.

      I agree about Vegusto. Amazing!

    • Hi
      We lost all of our frozen stock one weekend, the main electric cable melt down and we were lucky that the whole building didn’t burn down.
      We have got 3 freezers and 3 fridges. You can imagine how much money we lost…
      And to be able to order more stock in, we had to wait a couple of weeks to have the money to do so. Then, it took the suppliers another week to deliver.

      ‘Gluten’? Like Seitan? Because we sell fresh/frozen seitan…

      • Thanks for popping on here to have a word, Rudy. I have been hearing lots about the seitan you sell and I can’t wait to get back into the store to grab some.

  2. That looks fantastic. Why couldn’t it have been there when I worked in Caledonian Road in the late 90s?!

  3. Hi thanks for the mention about the cake.

    We’re not a business but actually a social enterprise heading towards charity status due to our increasing efforts towards promotion of animal equality, rights and outreach programmes.

    Also, that photo is brilliant of the cake – was the caramel landing on the fork an intentional thing or was the chocolate just melting? =]

    Thanks, AV

    • Thanks for stopping by. Maybe I could interview you for a future story, find out what it is you do and share it with the masses?

      The photo was a beautiful accident. xx

  4. […] had stalls at the event.  First up is Vx/Secret Society of Vegans which you can read more about here: Vx at the London Vegan […]

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