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If I could melt your heart

Frozen lime daiquiri

Summer is desperately trying to break through the clouds here in the UK. The stuttering arrival of the warmest season brings with it handy excuses to eat copious amounts of frozen treats. Frozen treats rarely get tastier than the daiquiri sorbet I recently discovered. Oh yes, you read correctly.

These tubs of ice cold delight will make you smile. It’s that simple.

I was enjoying a recent trip to Whole Foods Market on Kensington High Street when I bumped into these beauties. My intention was to buy something savoury for lunch, but my plans altered drastically after spotting the frozen dessert made with real rum.

Rookbeare sorbet ready to eat

The product proudly states its ingredients are exactly those contained in a regular daiquiri. If you are not familiar with what that includes, then let me tell you the ingredient list named rum, limes, lemons and sugar. It probably comes as no surprise that I consumed the entire tub in one sitting.

The company that produces this fabulous product is not vegan, however Rookbeare does have seven sorbets that contain zero non-human animal ingredients. Flavours available are the aforementioned lime daiquiri as well as raspberry, passionfruit, dark cherry, blackcurrant, apricot and mango.

Bring on summer!

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