Massive vegan pizza restaurant for London

Dear London.

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Superstar Brighton pizza restaurant Purezza is opening a second location and it’s going to be in one of the most vegan-friendly locations on the planet. Camden!

The new plant-based Italian restaurant will seat 100​ ​diners​, and is based just 2​ ​minutes​ from Camden Town Tube Station. It will operate on two​ ​floors​.

Purezza will of course run an entirely vegan menu, with wholegrain sourdough pizzas, pastas, burgers, raw dishes, and gluten-free food.

The restaurant proudly states it has reverse engineered a number of animal-based foods including vegan meat and cheese in its lab in order to recreate them with plant-based ingredients. It’ll offer a range of artisan cheeses, including its famous houseblend rice mozzarella as standard for pizzas. It’ll also offer meats such as pancetta, mince and burger patties created with plant proteins.

On opening in London, Stefania​ ​Evangelisti​, co-founder of Purezza said:

London is a hub for both great food and innovation, meaning a London-based Purezza has always been an ambition of ours. We are at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we can create with plants, and we look forward to having London join us on the journey to see where things can develop next.

Purezza will be opening in Camden​ in February​ ​2018 and have ‘aggressive’ expansion plans and are currently seeking investment to grow​ ​into​ ​further​ ​cities​ around the UK.

Looks like the UK is witnessing the birth of its first vegan pizza chain!

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