Vegan in Blackpool

Given the rate at which veganism is spreading in popularity around the UK, I’m not often surprised when I hear of a new plant-based restaurant popping up.

But something about this latest news has me rattled in a good way. I never thought I would see the day that Blackpool was celebrating the addition of a 100% vegan restaurant focussed on eco-friendly practices, hearty cuisine and even live music in the dining room.

Yep, Blackpool is now on your vegan bucket list.

The menu at Faringo’s sounds like the sort of food you want when you are looking to be well fed.

You can marvel at the menu on their website but let me tell you it includes stone fired pizza, spaghetti bolognese, freshly baked breads, desserts, and a fabulous vegan alcohol list including wine, beer and more!

The food at Faringo’s is obviously heavily slanted to an Italian vibe but you won’t be served dishes exclusively from that country. Meals such as veggie burgers and Sunday roasts make an appearance, as well as child-friendly selections such as nuggets, chips and beans.

On top of this restaurant being committed to not hurting animals, the owners of Faringo’s are also on a journey to make their restaurant as environmentally responsible as they can.

They design their menu to use as little gas and electricity as possible, source local and organic produce, buy bulk and loose ingredients to reduce plastic packaging, and are aiming to become a zero waste business in the future.

Faringo’s is currently open Tuesday until Saturday from 6pm until 9pm and Sundays from 1pm until 9pm. Closed Mondays. You can see the exact location of the restaurant thanks to Google Maps by clicking here.

You can follow Faringo’s on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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