Micro vegan dairy and deli in UK first

If you haven’t been to Norwich lately, now might be the right time for you to start planning your trip.

Tofurei (pronounced tofu rye) is a fabulous business located in the historic Norwich Lanes District of the East Anglian city. Not only is Tofurei an amazing deli with all manner of treats and drinks, it doubles as a micro soya dairy and supplier of tofu-making ingredients and tools.

Get excited, coming soon ✨

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Yes, there is also soft serve vegan ice cream!

Tofurei make all of their own soya milks freshly on site in their very own micro dairy, meaning you can stop in to buy flavoured or plain milk and milkshakes daily. If you fancy getting involved in tofu and milk making in your own kitchen, the store also sells everything you need including soya beans and coagulants.

The Norwich outlet is as famous for their sandwich and cake offerings as it is for their soya facilities. Check out some these stunning options.

Ohhh my, chickpea tuna and turkey cheese salad

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From frozen to yummy in 10-15 minutes!

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Two tasty gluten free options today! Craaaazy carrot cake and a charming chocolate orange torte

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Such satisfaction! Look at all the fresh milkshakes beckoning you

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Yes, this shop front in Norwich really does have it all. Vegan meats, cheeses, fresh milk, fresh tofu sold by weight, sandwiches and cakes.

You can visit the Tofurei website and follow the shop on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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