Guinness not vegan yet

Super quick post to remind you that Guinness is not yet vegan. So don’t buy it or drink it yet.

The world-famous brewing company released news last year (or was it 2015?) that informed the planet of plans to alter their filtration system that would remove their dependence on isinglass.

If you write to Guinness to ask them what is the latest with their plans to turn the brew vegan, you get the following information:

We are continuing to work through the installation and commissioning of a new filtration system at St. James’s Gate that will remove isinglass from the Guinness brewing process. We are making good progress on the installation and the project remains fully on track.
Like a great pint of Guinness, good things come to those who wait and we will provide a further update as soon as we are able to do so.

This has been sent out to numerous people via email over the past two to three months.

I get at least a handful of emails from readers each month asking if I know when Guinness will finally be vegan, so I wanted to give this non-update update.

Sorry I have no good news yet. Please keep me in the loop if you find out something fresh.

While you wait, you can follow Vegan Beer Fest UK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ahead of announcements about tickets coming soon.

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  1. I’m curious how long the older isinglass kegs will take to disappear, surely it takes a while for them to get used up? I’m aware every keg from now on is ok….how do you tell, is there a date on the keg that you can ask the landlord for conformation?

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