Beer glazed ham roast

I have never been excited for a new product like I am excited for this roast.


The always incredible Tofurky have just released their stunning Vegetarian Ham Roast with Extra Special Beer Glaze.

I’m beyond drooling. I’m struggling to cope.

Of course the ham is only available in the USA to start with, but the company has been assuring customers it will spread around the world as demand grows.

This is how the Tofurky website describes the new roast:

A plant-based main course for extra-special get-togethers, this ham has a tender, smoky flavor, complimented by a sweet, tangy glaze. Roast, slice and serve with your favorite stuffing and vegetables, or maybe even fancy mac and cheese. Invite your flexitarian friends and let the festive feasting begin! One of our favorite breweries, Hopworks Urban Brewery, crafts its tasty organic beers right here in Oregon, just a few miles from Tofurky HQ. Their Velvet ESB won our taste test with its malty, caramel-ly flavor profile and ultra-smooth texture. We got creative and turned this 21+ brew into an all-ages Velvety Beer Glaze that gives our Ham Roast a sweet, flavorful kick. Thanks, beer buddies!

I can’t even express how poetic that paragraph appears to me. It is word magic.

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  1. What is it made of?

    • Click on the link in the story to go to the website with all the ingredient info!

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