New vegan burgers and sausages

You should all be familiar with the Cauldron brand seen in most mainstream UK supermarkets.

They are probably most familiar to vegans thanks to their tofu and because a lot of their other products are only vegetarian.

However, the brand appears to be exploring more plant-based items with the launch of vegan burgers and sausages now available in Morrisons and Waitrose.

The sausages are billed as featuring mediterranean grilled vegetables, haricot beans and tomato pesto while the burgers are made from cauliflower, aduki beans, spinach and chipotle.

With the runaway success of Quorn vegan items, I expect we will see a few more Cauldron lines that are 100% plant-based rolling out soon (the two brands are owned by the same company).

Have you tried the new Cauldron burgers and sausages? What did you think?

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I bought both items last week. Ordinarily i love Cauldron’s stuff but the burgers are virtually inedible. They had the consistency of cork coasters and didnt taste great. Such a shame. The sausages were ok but i will be sticking with Linda Mac’s standard ones.

  2. They are also available in Sainsbury’s. I’ve not tried them yet.

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