Breaking news: vegan fried chicken shop

In the history of breaking news on this blog, I’m not sure I’ve ever written anything this exciting.

Sit down.

London, you are about to get the world’s first 100% vegan fried chicken shop.

OK. Now you can leap to your feet and fist pump like a champ. This news is seriously the most exciting thing to happen to anyone. EVER.

If you visit this part of the Internet with any regularity, you will know that I am obsessed with the crispy savoury perfection that is Temple of Seitan. Their range of deep fried seitan snacks, tubs of mac n cheese and filled sandwiches is in the top 5 things to eat on the planet in my (always humble) FGV opinion.

There is world class and then a little higher up in the clouds, there is Temple of Seitan.

Enough of this adulation. I asked Rebecca of Temple of Seitan to tell me what the heck is going on and she said:

In January 2017, we’ll be opening London’s (and maybe the world’s!) 1st 100% vegan chicken shop. We’re looking forward to providing a vegan alternative for Londoners craving a bit of takeaway.

She is so relaxed about it. I would have added in words such as ‘pioneers’, ‘earth-altering’ and ‘exceptionally unique’.

Clear all your January plans. Make room for the new fried chicken shop by Temple of Seitan.

This is not a drill.

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Extra note: Catch Temple of Seitan at my Vegan Christmas Market on Saturday December 17, 2017. Details here and you can RSVP on Facebook.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. That’s just next month!! Do you know where in London this establishment will be?

    • Yes, but it hasn’t been officially announced yet. Keep watching!

  2. Holy. Moly.

  3. Awesome!

  4. Best vegan chicken burgers and buffalo wings at the new Full Nelson in Deptford!

  5. OMG…I feel your excitement!!! I can’t actually breathe LOL sooooooooo freaking cool! x

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