International Women’s Day

To mark International Women’s Day 2016, I have compiled a list of women (some vegan, some non-vegan) who inspire me, educate many people and make the world a better place.

Visit, read, follow, retweet and learn from these women:

Aph Ko – the founder of Black Vegans Rock – invaluable insights into how veganism, feminism and black lives intersect

Carol J. Adams – author of The Sexual Politics of Meat – one of the most crucial texts published in the past few decades

Dr Karen Martin – my Indigenous Studies lecturer at university and the first person to truly make me understand my privilege – Dr Martin’s papers are essential reading

Associate Professor Jo Lampert – my sociology and Indigenous Studies tutor at university and possibly one of the most influential voices in the development of my social justice understanding

Love Like Hate – vegan band featuring Heather Cheketri and Sonja Ter Horst – powerful independent voices and compassionate social justice warriors who inspire me to do better

Colour Me Wednesday – vegan band with unwavering indie determination and a burning desire to right wrongs

Vanessa Almeida – vegan chef, food educator, vegan cookbook author, independent business owner and unquestionably decent person behind Essential Vegan

Adalita – a person of immense power, talent, strength and dignity – lead singer of Magic Dirt and formidable solo artist with a desire to spread the vegan message

Laura Beck – probably the kindest person on the planet and the genius writer behind one of the most read vegan blogs around – Vegansaurus

QuarryGirl – my buddy and one of the top three reasons why I started writing a vegan blog – a true pioneer in writing stuff on the Internet in order to make people stop eating animals

Mellissa Morgan – founder and owner of Ms Cupcake vegan bakery – the sole reason why London was finally dragged out of the dark ages and into a vegan future

My sisters Michelle, Juanita and Monique – the only people who completely understand what it took for me to get where I am – I love and appreciate them

Terry Hope Romero – vegan food pioneer who turned the world upside down with her partner in crime Isa Chandra Moskowitz – Terry is one of the reasons why veganism is as big as it is right now

Isa Chandra Moskowitz – along with Terry, Isa wrote the book on veganism – actually, she wrote MANY books on veganism and is probably the most famous vegan I’ve met

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau – one of the most impassioned, believable and powerful public speakers in the field of compassion

Sarah Bentley – guiding force behind Made in Hackney – a vegan food kitchen and education centre in London supporting low income, at risk, hard to reach and vulnerable groups

Anika Lehde -founder of The Vegan Score – Anika is a feminist, a vegan, an activist, an organiser and a true hero of mine – she teaches me something every time we speak

Doris Lin – a must follow person on Twitter who constantly makes me aware of important issues relating to veganism and social justice

Jamie J. Hagen – a queer intellectual with many important things to say about gender, abortion, activisim and pretty much anything else you can imagine – a voice I turn to when I need knowledge and understanding

Angela Corcoran – half of the team behind vegan London boutique and shoe store The Third Estate – Ange has dedicated years to promoting compassion, fairness, animal welfare and human rights

Valerie Reid – my mother in law – thank you for being kind to me over these past two decades, housing me when Josh and I had nowhere else to live and for being loving and supportive of our choices in life

To all the women who have loved me, supported me, inspired me, taught me and/or offered me friendship including Janelle MasonSusan Shaw, Erin Nolan, Aimee Thomson, Melinda Newman, Patricia Pineda, Angela Warrilow, Vicki Lane, Susan Short, Danielle Leary, Lauren Mellor, Mirel Joshman, Anna Green, Louise Wallis, Jordan Bastian, Els Merry-Price, Jo Ballard, Diana Pinkett, Catherine Pace, Bob Humphrey, Valerie Shaw, Kip Dorrell, Amy Thomas, and Indira Jayasuriya.

Thank you.

Extra note: to the best of my understanding, everyone on this list identifies as a woman. If your name is on this list and you would rather it not be for any reason, please advise me at and I will remove it instantly. Several of my friends and allies who no longer identify as women but have done so during our relationship have been omitted from this list. I hope they know and understand how much their friendship means to me.

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  1. Wonderful list, Sean. Thoughtful and considerate. I’ve started following some of these women on Twitter.

  2. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.Provoked me into reflecting on my personal list too.

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