Cake in a jar

Cake in a jar

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A new vegan bakery opened just a couple of weeks ago in Barcelona, which seems to bursting at the seams these days with new vegetarian and vegan restaurants. But bakeries? This one’s the only 100% vegan bakery! I knew I had to check it out.

La Pastisseria Besneta is so new Google couldn’t even seem to find it, so I headed there in hopes that it was open on weekends. Luckily, it was open – and I got to taste test their lemon meringue cake!

La Besneta sells whole cakes, or individual servings of cake in a jar. The cakes in a jar are super cute (and super hipster), and wouldn’t look out of place in Shoreditch. It makes the whole cake buying and eating experience just a little bit more exciting. The day I visited, they had two muffins and four different kinds of cake (carrot cake, lemon meringue and two different chocolate cakes, one with raspberry filling and one without). I selected the lemon meringue.



The meringue was light and fluffy and the lemon was just the right amount of tart. The only downside is that while cake in a jar is very photogenic, it’s a little bit difficult to eat. Make sure you have a spoon – and not fork – handy!

If you visit Barcelona, definitely check out this new vegan bakery in the Gracia neighbourhood. Like the bakery on Facebook.

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  1. Brilliant, thanks for the tip Caitlin! I’m off to Barcelona (for the 3rd time) in 5 weeks and am always on the look out for new vegan places to visit.

    • You’re welcome! 🙂 Enjoy it! It’s such a lovely city. If you haven’t tried Rizoma yet (fairly newish vegan restaurant) I recommend it, and it’s not too far from this bakery! The chef is one of the most famous Spanish vegan chefs. It’s a little bit fancy but not overly expensive, and I heard they get their vegan meat from The Vegetarian Butcher, which started in Holland as the first 100% vegetarian butchers shop.

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