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Best in the UK

Here it is. My ultimate sweeping declaration.

I visited a restaurant a few days ago and it turned out to be the best vegan dining experience I have ever enjoyed in the UK. I am pretty sure I could stretch the ‘best’ label to encompass all of Europe, too.

See the food photos below.


Say hello to Wildebeest in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Wildebeest is a world class dining set up and everything about the restaurant is what I want in a vegan establishment. The menu is exquisite and inventive, yet still familiar and comforting. The wine list is of course 100% vegan and cocktail lovers can choose from mojitos, martinis and Cosmopolitans. The people working in Wildebeest are friendly and the service was second to none. The decor is gorgeous while the entire space is comfortable and charming.

Can you tell I’m in love?

Just wait until you see the food!


    Smoked tofu & avocado quinoa sushi with beetroot mustard seeds, soy sauce, ginger & wasabi


       Raw pad Thai: courgette noodles served with a tamarind dressing, toasted peanuts & lime


               Salsa, guacamole, refried beans, corn on the cob, cashew cheese & corn tortillas


                       Lemon and blueberry raw cheesecake with whipped coconut cream


     Peanut butter and choc fudge swirl ice cream

There is nothing in the entire country that comes close to Wildebeest. This place is the best.

If you are considering opening a vegan restaurant, I strongly suggest you visit this fine dining location in the south west to see how plant-based food can be elevated to a higher level.

Can we also talk about restaurant owners fearing the transition to a full vegan menu? Wildebeest is certain proof that food done to a standard this high will bring people flooding through the doors.

The omnivores at the table next to me were non-stop raving about their kale pesto ravioli main and lucuma ice cream dessert. They said they were stunned by how delicious it was.

Wildebeest was completely packed solid during my visit and I witnessed multiple groups turned away by the owner. They were working at full speed and couldn’t accommodate everyone. This place is on fire with locals, tourists and food lovers from all over wanting a piece of the action.

Listen. I can’t stress this enough. Wildebeest is the finest vegan dining experience I have enjoyed in the UK. I urge you to make time for a visit.

Be sure to book a table or risk being severely disappointed.

Visit Wildebeest online, like the restaurant on Facebook and follow it on Twitter and Instagram.

You can also vote for Wildebeest in the Best Vegan Restaurant category as part of the VegfestUK Awards 2015. Click here to vote (ahem… FGV is also nominated for best website).

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. this sounds deliciously orgasmic !

  2. It’s amazing how vegan establishments can be so successful outside of London. It begs the question why there aren’t more places like this in the capital. No doubt London real estate prices are a major part of the problem.

  3. It must have improved since I went in October last year when it was distinctly meh. They had no desserts (early on a weekday evening) and the portion sizes were tiny. I left feeling hungry and almost bought a bag of chips on the way home.

  4. Totally agree! That place is fabulous. We haven’t found anywhere to rival it either. If it were not so far away from where we live, we’d be regulars. The people of Falmouth have a real vegan gem in their midst.

  5. We are so lucky in Cornwall! We used to have to travel afar to enjoy such delights but no longer!

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