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Cook Italian

Have you got plans for this Thursday? You have now!

Check out this message from celebrated vegan chef Sara Mittersteiner.

I’m hosting a last minute Supper Club with a completely secret menu on Thursday night (26 February, 2015).

The only things you can be sure of are:
– everything will be freshly handmade in front of you
– everything will be completely vegan
– the menu will include: starter, main course, side and dessert
– I always make my own fresh bread
– it will be a proper Italian comfort food meal, so if you do decide to join us, please have a light lunch!

Price is £20/each which must be paid in advance. To book a seat, email pomobasilico@gmail.com or phone 07866 194 403.

Hope to feed you soon!



How about it? Sounds delightful.

You can see some of Sara’s gorgeous food photos on her Instagram account here.

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  1. Oh I wish I was free to attend this – sounds great!

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